About Tony Haynes

Tony Haynes is an Intellectual Property Creator. Initially, starting out as a Lyricist, he’s written verses and hooks to melodies composed by the biggest names in R&B and Pop Music. His Poetry appears in books and across multiple internet platforms. As an Author, Tony's craft is immortalized through a variety of Warner Bros. animated icons and a wide array of characters brought to life in his novels. Currently, Tony is executive producing and creating original programming for television.

In the rapidly expanding market for entertainment, quality programming is a valuable commodity. The Tony Haynes Company is a place, ‘Where Dreams and Ideas Learn to Fly.’ We’ve imagined ourselves, first and foremost, content providers who wouldn’t be content without the continuity attached to thinking outside of the box. As a result, we are firmly planted in a creative space, through which we nurture our dramatic and comedic television series, then after sprouting a real sense of a bountiful harvest, we ground ourselves with the alliances necessary to bear fruit. Now, as the season demands, we are branching out beyond previous limitations, so that when the apple falls from the tree, it laughs all the way to the bank.

The Tony Haynes Company is positioned to take full advantage of the industry's phenomenal on-going growth. In order to ensure the success of our products, The Company is prudently enlisting the resources and capabilities of major corporations and securing contractual commitments to market and distribute our programs to the worldwide marketplace.

The television and broadcasting industry’s current evolution and strong positive forecast for future growth, offers significant potential for highly rewarding investment opportunities. The creative capability of The Tony Haynes Company demonstrates an attractive opportunity for investors to profit from a truly innovative emerging growth company with tremendous potential.

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Current TV Projects

The Ajokwe“The Ancient Spirits of Six Ajokwe Shaman attach to Individuals from different walks of life, so that through them they can save us from ourselves.”
A-Mancipation“Don’t be a slave to your relationship. Free your ass and you’ll find peace of mind creepin’ up behind it.”
Ballbusters Anonymous“Where a few Bad-asses get together and knock ideas around.”
Being Divine“She sees the future, he sees the past, but they don’t always see eye-to-eye.”
The Benefit Of Teddy's Wisdom“Insights and exploits of a Wiseass, Smartass and a Jackass, all rolled up into one.”
bi and largeThe chronicles of a sexual revolution that goes both ways, as told from a place least expected
bi and large
Codename: M“War is hell, but the war within is worse. Here is what happens when real women soldier their strength and fight on without breaking the code.”
The Complex Dance ‘The Complex Dance Between Former Spouses, Co-Parenting and Running a Business Together, Without Stepping on Each Other's Toes and Tripping Things Up Beyond Repair.’
The Complex Dance
Controlling Interest“When Debbie Esposito’s father dies, she inherits controlling interest of Esposito, Incorporated. And right away her efforts to turn a profit are sabotaged. This is the Soprano’s meets Mob Wives in the Godfather’s office.”
The Cougar AdjacentThey aren’t quite Cougars yet. But if it’s all about location, these ladies are right there in the neighborhood.
Courting Valentina“If You’ve ever had an Emotional Relationship with Someone You haven’t met in Person, then You’re Courting Valentina.”
Cuddle MonstersWhen two competing Cuddle Therapists collide, hugging it out and making nice is about as farfetched as holding on to something you can’t let go of, while watching it slip away from somewhere between a whoopee cushion and a mercy seat.
cuddle monsters
Donovan Lee Wants To Save The World“When a creative designer is given three amazing gifts, He is empowered with designs to save the world.”
Emotional Rex“The exploits of an ex football player running a car lot with his ex, as they oversee a motley crew of emotional wrecks”
I Get To Be Fletcher GreenIt’s a show about a guy who gets to play himself and not get played in the process.
fletcher green
Janna Dobson Gets A Job“Janna Dobson Gets a Job, and in a World where Tempin’ Ain’t Easy; for a work in progress, the real challenge is not to blow it.”
Juliana's Personal Life"One designing woman goes on the adventure of a wife-time that ain’t quite up to snuff, until this daddy’s girl gets a life, at least a personal one."
Legally Single“A Judge, her Ex-Husband and a mashup of previously married plaintiffs and defendants rediscover the laws of attraction now that they’re Legally Single.”
Les Escortesans"A Double Dating Service inundates Couples with what they need to bring their Love Lives up to date. P.S. - Excuse the French"
les escortesans
Minus The Vig“Grandma’s a bookie, her daughter’s a bookkeeper, and her granddaughter’s trying to live life by the book.”
The Mom Line“No matter how different mommies and daddies seem to be, it’s their damn kids that bring us all together.”
Nikki Fenway's Jounral“The Year is 2050, and Nikki Fenway, the dearly departed is among souls unable to crossover into the afterworld. Meanwhile, her brother, Elijah inherits the journal she left behind. Old wounds are assaulted and battle scars embittered when both sides discover Nikki Fenway’s Journal is a passage between this and the next dimension.”
The Shoemaker's Time Code“The back & forth story of time travel, the trouble it causes and what is learned through the revelations of Genesis.”
Sloppy Jonah‘Food For Thought takes a Good Look at What an Edible Life Made a Mess Of.’
Sloppy Jonah Cover
Spooning With JonieA hot young chef stirs things up and her soup dishes out a soap opera that makes more than the heat in her kitchen worth getting into.
Taxes, Death and Trouble“Bringing Humanity to Evil, There are three things you can be sure of: Taxes, Death and Trouble. Thank You Marvin Gaye.”
Tech Nicole Support“Now there’s Tech Nicole Support for The Human Spirit, The Flesh and The Flash Drive.”
tech nicole support
The Third Can In My Six Pack “When life pulls only punchlines for a ‘Standup Dad’ and the third one of his six kids, funny is as funny does.”
The RelationShip Wrecked Captain Tony“The miss adventures of a silver tongue, tied up with trying to stay relevant.”
Virgin Skye“This Skye has no limits and I’m a Virgin by name only.”
When We Lose Our Way“The trail, trials and tribulations of three lost souls”
Yayo“This is Yayo, and it is all in your mind. Ya means ‘Yes’ and Yo is ‘The Awakening.’ Are you ready to take the ride of your life?””